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Accenture introduces new leave policy, tries giving employees more flexibility to plan their offs


A recent study revealed that in the present scenario, techies are willing to accept low-paying jobs if it meant getting other perks like working from home, a flexible time off policy, and so on. Gone are the days when only the paycheck that you got mattered. People these days want much more than an impressive salary. And IT firm Accenture has recently announced changes in its leave policy in order to give employees more flexibility when it comes to taking off days.

Accenture new leave policy

According to a TOI report, Accenture’s new leave policy will be enforced from September 1 this year. The report adds that Accenture employees will be able to take offs that can be divided into ‘small and big’ time offs. This will depend on the requirement of an employee as well as his base location.

The new policy, which is designed to simplify leave management, acknowledges that different employees have different situations and commitments. It provides a way for them to take time off when needed, helping them juggle their work responsibilities and personal obligations.

Employees were told about the change in leave policy by Lakshmi Chandrasekharan, Managing Director and HR Lead of the company. She sent a company-wide email to 3 lakh employees, talking about the new policy. She wrote in the email, “In our new leave structure, you can take small and big time-offs – for everything from running a small errand to attending your child’s recital to taking longer time off to care for a loved one or climb that mountain you’ve been training for.”

What does it mean for employees?

Coming to what these changes mean for Indian employees, they will be getting three types of leaves this year – Earned, Sick and Wellness and Casual.

The report mentions that Casual leave type has been added this year for employees and that earned leaves, that were 24 per year previously, will now be 18.

Moreover, before the new policy, the earned leave was known as vacation time. After the changes, the casual and sick leaves that the employees have will be 12 each and the leave year will start from September 1 and end on August 31.

In order to avail earned leave, employees will need the manager’s approval. However, in case of sick or casual leave, they will simply have to notify their managers. In addition to this, employees can take two consecutive days of casual leaves within two weeks. However, those who wish to take more consecutive leaves will have to take approval from superiors.

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Divyanshi Sharma

Published On:

Aug 10, 2023

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