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Author reveals fake AI-written books were selling on Amazon under her name, questions company’s policies


On more than one occasions, writers have spoken up about their content being used without their permission to train large language models. Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is evolving rapidly and every other day, there are new developments. Recently, an author made headlines for pointing out that several books that were selling on Amazon under her name were actually fake and that she had nothing to do with them.

Talking about the issue in a blog post, the author revealed that as many as 5 books attributed to her name on Amazon were not written by her and appeared to be generated by AI. If not all, then at least most of these books were written by AI and tarnished the author’s image. When the author contacted Amazon at first, the company refused taking down the books as the author’s name was not yet trademarked. However, she believes that when she started speaking up about the issue on social media, the company took action and removed those books from both Amazon and Goodreads.

AI generated books selling on Amazon

Jane Friedman is an experienced author with over 25 years of experience in media and publishing industry. She has authored books like The Business of Being a Writer and Publishing 101. However, in her name, books like How to Write and Publish an eBook Quickly and Make Money, and Igniting Ideas: Your Guide to Writing a Bestseller eBook on Amazon, were being sold on Amazon. Friedman says that these ‘garbage’ books were being uploaded on Amazon with her name credited.

In a blog post on her website, she mentioned that the person behind it all is trying to exploit her name and benefitting off of it. She added that these books appear to be written by AI and she knowns this because she has often used those tools to test how well they can recreate her work. Friedman has also been blogging since 2009 so a lot of her work is available on the internet so train LLMs.

“I also do a lot of vanity prompting, like “What would Jane Friedman say about building author platform?” I’ve been blogging since 2009—there’s a lot of my content publicly available for training AI models. As soon as I read the first pages of these fake books, it was like reading ChatGPT responses I had generated myself,” she added.

Books getting added to Goodreads

The story does not end here, Friedman said that these fake books were also getting added to her Goodreads official account and getting them removed from there is a long process.

Calling for a proper system in place that verifies an author’s identity, Friedman wrote, “We desperately need guardrails on this landslide of misattribution and misinformation. Amazon and Goodreads, I beg you to create a way to verify authorship, or for authors to easily block fraudulent books credited to them. Do it now, do it quickly.”

On a related note, just last month, various authors came together to slam AI firms and had asked them to stop using their work to train AI. In a letter, over 8,500 authors had argued that AI might ‘flood’ the market with mediocre and machine-written books.

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Divyanshi Sharma

Published On:

Aug 10, 2023

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