Choose your career series: Learn how to build your dream career

Finished your board exams but not sure what career choice to make? Well, this is one situation felt by most students, especially the college-goers. Any individual needs to make the correct choice when it comes to his/her profession to lead a successful life. Whether choosing a career in the engineering sector, medical or agricultural sciences or even entrepreneurship, the decision is never easy. However, with the right guidance, the decision-making process can become a lot simpler.

Easy steps to build your dream career(Pixabay)
Easy steps to build your dream career(Pixabay)

While a few colleges do offer career counseling sessions, numerous other institutions in India do not have this facility. As a result, students find it slightly difficult to decide on what they want to do next.

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Speaking to Hindustan Times, Dr. Jogen Chandra Kalita, Dean of Faculty of Science and Professor & Head of the Department of Zoology, Gauhati University, said, “the fact of career guidance needs to be taken up seriously by the school authorities at the secondary stage itself by setting up career guidance cells with professionals and experts from different walks of life, including the corporate sector.”

He added, “Students would then know about the various opportunities to them in different disciplines – from basic science, medical, engineering, law, humanities, management, nursing, commerce, and international trade, among others.”

Prof Kalita further stated that such guidance will enable students to identify their strengths weaknesses, opportunities, and threats while opting for various career paths.

In this article, we will look at some tips that can help you make a great career choice!

1.Narrow down what you are passionate about

The foremost task for any individual when it comes to a fruitful career is pursuing what they truly believe in. In other words, following one’s dream can do wonders. However, it is natural for students to be unsure about what interests them the most. The trick to solving this issue is to narrow down your interests by identifying what encourages you or drives you to be successful.

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2. Develop your skill-set

Once you have narrowed down your interest, it is imperative to develop your skills. Now, skills are of two types – hard skills and soft skills. While hard skills relate to technical knowledge needed for a specific work, soft skills primarily focus on personality characteristics required for easy communication.

3. Network building

Networking is one of the most important ways to learn more about a specific job from other working professionals. The individuals can also provide credible inputs and act as references to inform about opportunities. For instance, updated profiles on social media networking platforms such as LinkedIn can help individuals get in touch with successful professionals who can share insights about the industry and inform them about vacancies.

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4. Doing a SWOT analysis

Another important aspect of career building is doing a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis of yourself. In other words, it is crucial to analyze one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats routinely. A thorough analysis will drive students in the right direction of career growth.

5. Having an optimistic approach

An optimistic outlook in one’s career path is one of the most crucial points that needs to be kept in mind. There will be highs and lows in your career, but one must never give up. Always be ready for change and cherish every opportunity that comes your way. The idea is to taste success with a positive mindset.

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