Daughter of truck mechanic studied without electricity, cracked medical entrance with AIR…

Aarti Jha, the daughter of a truck mechanic defied all odds and cleared the NEET medical exam with flying colours, being the first doctor in her family.

The National Eligibility cum Entrance Exam (NEET) is one of the toughest entrances to crack in the country, with lakhs of aspiring doctors every year. However, the NEET success story of a student named Aarti Jha is nothing short of inspirational.

Aarti Jha appeared for the NEET 2023 exam and cracked it with an impressive score at the age of 21. However, her journey to become a doctor was not easy. Aarti is the daughter of a truck mechanic and her family has been facing a lot of financial hardships.

Aarti’s father, who has been working as a truck mechanic for over two decades, used to earn just Rs 20,000 per month to feed and care for his big family. By saving money, the NEET aspirant’s parents helped her join medical entrance coaching.

Aarti Jha’s coaching centre was 17 km away from her house. Travelling half the distance by bus, the student used to walk 3 km daily just to save Rs 10 every day. Apart from her NEET prep, she also started taking tuition classes to make some extra money for her family.

Aarti’s father used his 15-year-old bike to drop his daughter to coaching at times but often had to leave for work. Because of her tuition routine to earn money, she was often too tired to study for the NEET exam.

To prevent herself from falling asleep, Aarti used to deliberately study without electricity and kept the fan turned off to maintain her concentration on her studies. Eventually, Aarti achieved her goal of getting into a medical institute and cracking the NEET exam.

Aarti secured 192nd rank in NEET 2023, and 33 in the OBC category. Her two brothers are currently preparing for the SSC exam, and Aarti Jha is set to be the first doctor in her family.

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