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Ex-Dell employee says layoffs are reminders that office is not your home, people lost jobs without reason


Just yesterday, it was announced that Dell is firing people from its sales teams. A CRN report quoted a spokesperson from the company saying that some members of the company’s sales team will be asked to leave. “We don’t make these decisions lightly, and we’ll support those impacted as they transition to their next opportunity,” he had added. This comes after Dell announced laying off over 6,000 people in February this year. While it isn’t clear if the fresh round of layoffs is a part of the previously-announced layoffs or not, what we do know if that lives are going to be impacted. Yet again.

Ex-Dell employee on thinking workplace is your home

Amidst all this, a former Dell employee, who is presently working as an Associate Vice President at another company, took to LinkedIn and wrote that employees should never consider their workplace to be their home. She, in her post, highlights how we often make the mistake of giving our work too much attention, perhaps even more than our families and how when it comes to layoffs, people lose their jobs without reason.

The woman had worked with Dell for a decade and was upset to hear about the layoffs at the company.

At the beginning of her post, she wrote, “I don’t have all the words tonight to express my feelings on today. Dell was my home for nearly a decade and the news of so many – most without rhyme or reason – being a part of layoffs today is a reminder that our home – as I typed moments ago – is not our company nor is it our work.”

It is not about loving what you do

Talking about how somebody once told her that working isn’t simply about loving your job but also means fulfilling other responsibilities, she wrote, “One of the greats, Dan Coombs, told me many years ago that work isn’t solely about “loving what you do” – work is about doing what we need to do to bring home the money to do what we love… go peach picking with my kids on the weekend, coach my son’s soccer team, take my girls to get their nails done, enjoy a date night with my husband, splurge on a trip to Target for some Pokémon cards for the kids. And those who love what they do and bring home enough to do what they love are blessed two-fold (I am lucky to be in this category!).”

She then added that how layoffs at Dell remind her that time is limited and we can at times ‘unnecessarily vest in our work lives’.

“My heart goes out to so many dear friends who had devastating phone calls today. But, please, be encouraged that Dell was not your home – nor will your next employer be your home. Let your home be with those you love and those who love you back,” she wrote.

A number of other people are also posting about Dell layoffs and are expressing sympathy for those who have been impacted.

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Divyanshi Sharma

Published On:

Aug 9, 2023

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