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Giant X logo removed from Twitter’s San Francisco office days after it replaced the bird logo


By Ankita Chakravarti: In a surprising twist of events, Twitter has decided to remove a large, bright X logo from its San Francisco headquarters. The controversial sign faced criticism from neighboring residents, as reported by CNBC and ABC7 News. The sign was hastily put up and partly supported by sandbags, which raised concerns about its appearance and safety.

The city authorities got involved after Twitter seemed to avoid inspection requests for the roof area where the X logo was installed. Twitter claimed that it was just a “temporary lighted sign for an event” and refused inspectors’ attempts to access the location.

The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection and City Planning expressed serious concerns about the unpermitted structure. The department’s communication director confirmed that a violation notice had been issued to the building’s owner, which houses Twitter’s headquarters. Over the weekend, the department received an overwhelming 24 complaints about the sign, with residents worried about its structural integrity and the brightness of its illumination.

This swift response from the city’s authorities highlights the importance they place on following rules and ensuring public safety. Although the sign’s removal might pose a challenge to Twitter’s rebranding efforts, it also underscores the need for companies to follow proper procedures when making significant changes to their properties.

The controversy surrounding the X logo raises questions about corporate responsibility and consideration for the local community. Residents’ concerns about the visual impact, potential hazards, and the lack of proper permits seem to have been validated by the city’s intervention.

As Twitter proceeds with its rebranding journey, it will likely face increased scrutiny from both the public and regulatory bodies. Being transparent and complying with local regulations will be crucial to avoid further setbacks in its transformation into X.

The removal of the X logo will undoubtedly ease tensions surrounding the headquarters. However, it serves as a reminder to all companies that the rebranding process requires careful planning, open communication, and strict adherence to the law.

As the situation develops, it remains to be seen how Twitter, now X, will respond to this setback and what measures it will take to prevent similar issues in the future. Companies should learn from this experience and prioritize the community’s concerns while making changes to their buildings or properties. By doing so, they can avoid unnecessary controversies and ensure smoother transitions during rebranding or other significant endeavors.

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