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Google may introduce this Android feature inspired by Apple devices, here are all details


There is always a debate about which is better, Android or Apple’s iOS. While both operating systems offer a range of features and focus on user privacy and security, one thing that helps Apple take the upper hand is its seamless device ecosystem. Apple allows its users to seamlessly use and switch between their iPhone, MacBooks, watches, and iPads- thanks to its Continuity features. Now, to match this, Google is reportedly planning to introduce a similar feature that will allow Android users to link their various Android devices.

According to Android expert Mishaal Rahman, Google will soon allow Android users to connect their Android devices together if they are signed into the same Google account. The new feature will enable users to link their Android devices together and will support easy call switching and internet sharing.

” You may soon be able to “link your [Android] devices” signed into the same Google account together. This will enable “call switching”, which lets you switch between devices for calls, as well as “Internet sharing”!,” he tweeted on X.

The “Call Switching” feature will allow users to seamlessly switch between connected devices during a call. Another feature is the “Internet Sharing” feature, which will simplify the process of setting up a personal hotspot across the linked devices.

Rahman mentions that the menu for linking devices will appear under Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing on the device once the feature is officially released.

Notably, Apple already offers a similar call-switching feature called iPhone Mobile Calls. This feature enables Apple device users to make and receive calls from devices signed into the same Apple ID, as long as they are on the same network as the user’s iPhone.

However, Apple’s iPhone Mobile Calls feature does not allow users to receive calls from another iPhone. On the other hand, Google’s Call Switching feature, shown in a screenshot provided by Rahman, suggests the possibility of switching between different Android devices, including phones and even the Pixel Tablet. Though it is not confirmed until Google makes an official announcement, this feature could prove useful to individuals who carry multiple phones.

A report by the Android Authority further states that the feature will likely be rolled out through Google Play Services. So users who have a device with the Google Play Store available out of the box might be the first to receive this feature when it rolls out.

In other news, Google has finally released a native translation feature for Gmail on Android and iOS devices. This feature was previously only available on the desktop version of Gmail and allows users to translate emails into 100 different languages.

Google, in its blog post, explains that to translate a message on a mobile, users will need to click the “Translate” option found in the three-dot overflow menu at the top-right corner of an email. Users can select their preferred output language in settings, prompting a notification when email content doesn’t align with the “Gmail display language.” Additionally, users can choose not to translate for specific languages, which can be beneficial for multilingual individuals.

Published On:

Aug 11, 2023

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