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Meet DU grad who failed twice in college but cracked UPSC CSE exam without coaching; bagged AIR 48


Anurag Kumar failed his graduation, but this setback helped him find the path to success, and he made the decision to join the IAS.

Leading the way to success frequently involves failures, but those who use these setbacks as lessons succeed. IAS, IPS, and IFS officers are chosen after rigorous training and unwavering dedication. Candidates preparing for one of India’s toughest exams, the UPSC Mains Exam 2023, have adapted strategies from successful candidates in previous years.

The success of Anurag Kumar inspires many and shows that determination and hard work are the only ways to achieve success.  Anurag Kumar failed his graduation, but this setback helped him find the path to success, and he made the decision to join the IAS. His life was altered by this choice.

You’ll be surprised to learn that Anurag put a lot of effort into clearing the UPSC exam two times in a row, and in 2018 he attained 48th rank to become an IAS officer.

Who is IAS Anurag Kumar?

Anurag Kumar, a native of the Bihar district of Katihar, attended a school with a Hindi medium of instruction up until Class 8. He was then enrolled in the English-medium program, where he encountered many difficulties. The officer claims that although he started out as an average student, once he sets his mind to something, he succeeds.

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Anurag Kumar put a lot of effort into his Class 10 Board exams, passing with a 90% score. He did poorly in the pre-board exam for mathematics in Class 12, though. He then refocused his preparation efforts and achieved a score of over 90%. After that, he was accepted into Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce.

But he found that the path ahead was not simple. He failed a lot of classes during his graduation. He eventually received his degree and enrolled in a post-graduate program.

Cleared UPSC exam twice without coaching

Anurag Kumar resumed concentrating on his academic work. After graduation, he made the decision to study for the UPSC tests. He began working diligently and completely to prepare for the UPSC after finishing his PG degree. He put in a lot of effort, took notes, and gave it all.

In 2017, he successfully passed UPSC on his very first attempt. Anurag was ranked 677th. He began his preparations once more after being dissatisfied with his rank. In his second attempt, he obtained the AIR 48 in the 2018 UPSC CSE exam. In Bhagalpur, Anurag Kumar is currently employed as a District Development Council.

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