Meet IAS Govind Jaiswal, son of rickshaw puller, lost mother at young age, cracked UPSC in 1st attempt with AIR…

This IAS officer faced several hardships yet emerged victorious and set an example for millions of people. Know his inspiring story here.

UPSC exam is something that many fail to clear even with all the resources and facilities, immense time, and single-minded studying. It is extremely inspiring to see someone with zero resources and several difficulties reach the top and clear one of the toughest recruitment exams in the world. 

IAS Govind Jaiswal is one such example who cracked the UPSC exam and sat on the prestigious seat of an IAS officer. IAS Jaiswal’s story is inspiring because he rose from nothing, and faced years of humiliation and belittling over financial constraints. 

Govind always dreamt of becoming an IAS officer. He hails from Varanasi. His father was a rickshaw puller and with hard work, he had bought 35 rickshaws. He was doing fine, until, Govind’s mother fell ill. For her treatment, Govind’s father had to sell 20 of his rickshaws, even then, his mother wasn’t saved. She passed away in 1995. 

Fast forward to 2004 or 2005, Govind was now a big boy. After completing his schooling and college, he was now aiming for a big goal and wanted to come to Delhi to pursue the right guidance to prepare for the UPSC exam.  

His father came as a hero for Govind. He did not let his financial hardships get the best of his son and sold 14 more of his rickshaws to pay for Govind’s studies. Now, Govind’s father was left with only one rickshaw, which he started to run himself to provide for his son’s education. 

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The same spark and zest definitely transferred to Govind and motivated him to study day and night and give it his all. No hard work goes unrecognised, as was the case for Govind. He cracked the UPSC exam on his first attempt in 2006 with All India Rank (AIR) 48. 

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