Meet IAS officer who wanted to become doctor, but crack UPSC exam with AIR…

This IAS officer wanted to become a doctor but a terrible incident turned her fate. She ended up cracking the UPSC Civil Services exam with top rank.

As kids we all had dreamt of becoming something or the other, it was only when we grew up that we started thinking about a career more seriously. Some of us were able to figure out our passion for life, while others followed the advice and went with the flow. 

But imagine what it must have been like for those who were absolutely sure of what they wanted to do and then ended up losing that dream. Most would lose their hope and be shattered but IAS Rishita Gupta is a person who took matters into her own hands and changed the course of destiny. 

Rishita Gupt dreamt of becoming a doctor since her childhood days. Her family was always behind her dream and provided her with all the required amenities. Gupta studies science in school. 

She was determined to pursue a career in medicine and when she was completely subsumed into the Class 12 board exam preparation, fate played its role. Her father passed away due to some illness. 

This incident shook Rishita and she was not able to concentrate on her studies, as a result, she failed to obtain the required marks for medical school admission. With that, her dream of becoming a doctor died but she did not lose hope and decided to graduate in English Literature. After graduation, she decided to appear for the UPSC exam. 

Rishita then started studying for the Civil Services exam and with her dedication and perseverance, she cracked the UPSC exam in 2018 with top rank. IAS Gupta secured an All India Rank 18 in her first attempt at the UPSC exam. 

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