Meet IITian-turned-IPS officer who quit Rs 36 lakh salary job, cracked UPSC in fourth attempt, secured AIR 135

He was not interested in leading a corporate life but wanted to get selected for a government job.

The UPSC exam is one of the toughest exams to crack to become an Indian IAS officer. To pass the test, a person study religiously for several hours. Every year, thousands of candidates seek to take the exam to become IAS, IFS, IRS, and IPS. Only a few number of them succeed in the most competitive exam, which consists of three parts: preliminary exam, main exam, and interview. Today we will talk about IAS Robin Bansal who quit a lucrative job to pursue his IAS Dream.

Robin Bansal, 25 hails from a small town of Lehra in Rajasthan’s Sangrur district. Robin’s father is a lecturer in Economics, while his mother is a homemaker. After completing his schooling, Robin cracked the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) to bag admission to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi after his schooling. The boy’s courage and perseverance allowed him to obtain his desired entrance to the IIT.

After completing BTech, Robin landed a handsome salary of Rs 36 lakh per annum at a private company. Robin’s was not corporate success but serving the public. Robin chose to leave his high-paying profession after just one year in order to focus on his UPSC CSE preparations, even though the salary package was set to rise well over Rs 36 lakh per year (about Rs 3 lakh per month). 

After three failed attempts, Robin says he was confident of his preparation in 2022. Although he had earlier taken the coaching facilities, Robin claims that the key to success was his own independent study. As of the results that were released a few days ago, the man from Lehra eventually succeeded in the challenging exam by earning an All-India Rank of 135. 

Robin now desires to become an esteemed IPS officer and join the Indian Police Services. Robin urges UPSC hopefuls to be conscious of their strengths and limitations before developing a strategy to pass the UPSC exam.

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