Meet Kartik Jeevani who cracked UPSC exam thrice to fulfill his IAS dream, his AIR is…

IAS officer Kartik Jivani cracked the UPSC exam three times. Know his journey here.

UPSC is one of the toughest exams in the world and people spent years preparing for the IAS exam. Some aspirants appear for the civil services exam multiple times. One such name is IAS Kartik Jeevani. Jeevani’s unwavering focus and dedication cracked the IAS exam. 

Kartik wanted to become an IPS officer initially but after his first attempt, he failed. However, he realised that if he prepared dedicatedly, he could become an IAS officer. 

With his dedication and hard work, he cracked the IPS exam in 2017 with All India Rank (AIR) 94. 

Even though Kartik has cleared the IPS exam, he still aimed to become an IAS officer. He appeared for the UPSC exam again and even after being a serving IPS officer, he cracked the exam again with an AIR 84. 

In 2020, he appeared for his final attempt and secured AIR 8 to become an IAS officer. His story is an inspiration for many students.  

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