Meet Meerut electrician’s son who secured 29th rank in medical exam

Shivam’s teacher mentioned that he never scored below 700 on the test.

With the goal of becoming doctors, lakhs of students enroll for medical admission tests every year, but only a few of them are successful in clearing the NEET exam, which is recognised as one of the toughest in India. There are many NEET aspirants who succeeded in cracking the NEET exam in the second or third attempt. In this article, we will talk about Shivam Patel, whose NEET success story is very inspiring. 

Shivam was inspired and motivated to succeed after watching a web series about the NEET exam. He passed the exam with unwavering focus and continuous effort, securing an impressive 29th place nationwide. His story serves as an inspiring example of how, with the correct attitude and persistence, anyone can overcome any obstacle and experience remarkable success.

In a recent media interview, Shivam Patel, who scored a remarkable 29th AIR in the NEET exam, expressed his joy. He admitted that ever since seeing the series, passing the test and establishing his own identity had been his long-cherished desire. He has now joyfully achieved his goal.

Shivam hails Meerut and secured the first position in the state as well. His remarkable achievement came in the OBC category, which was a crucial turning point in his academic career.

Shivam told News18 that he never considered his rank and he just kept trying. Shivam’s father is an electrician who visits each home to make repairs to the electrical equipment. When questioned about his education, he said that he never kept track of the time spent studying. Instead, he used to set a daily goal. Shivam said that his role models are only doctors.

He added that during the COVID era, physicians stepped out as warriors to help everyone. He made the decision to study medicine as a result. He also used to watch films to get stress-free from his studies. Shivam’s NEET test score was 710 out of 720. Shivam wants to enroll in AIIMS Delhi. His mother, however, insisted that it was her responsibility to encourage her son’s goals, and she followed suit.

Shivam’s sister, Malvika Singh, is a nursing officer at SGPGI Lucknow. Shivam also used to take coaching at an institute. Shivam’s confidence increased during the test. Shivam’s teacher also mentioned that no matter how well he did on the test, his grades were always at least 700.

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