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Netflix India ends password sharing: Who is eligible to use it for free and who will have to pay


Netflix just recently announced that it will be sending an email to members who are sharing passwords outside their households in India. With this, the company made it clear that Indians will no longer be able to share passwords or their Netflix account with outsiders. While we haven’t yet heard about people getting emails for this, Netflix did mention in its blog post that it will start sending one to users. Now, who can use it for free, and who will have to pay? Let’s find out.

Netflix account: Who can use it for free and who will have to pay?

The company says “A Netflix account is for use by one household. Everyone living in that household can use Netflix wherever they are — at home, on the go, on holiday — and take advantage of new features like Transfer Profile and Manage Access and Devices.”

Now, what this means is, people who are living in your home can use your Netflix account for free, but you can’t share it with someone who doesn’t live with you. If Netflix gets to know about this, then you will either get a warning or your account could be suspended. Through your device’s IP addresses, account activity, and registered Wi-Fi network, Netflix is able to monitor whether you are sharing passwords with non-household members.

Netflix will let you use your account outside household if you go out for a short holiday. But, if you are out of your home for more than a month and trying to log in account from a different place, then Netflix will send you an email, reminding you of its password sharing policy. In this case, you can change the main household location of the Netflix account to let the company know, it is your account and a non-household member is not using it.

If you try to share your Netflix account with a friend, then the person will have to visit your home at least once a month to keep using your account for free. Your friend should be using Netflix at your home using your Wi-Fi network in order for Netflix to think he/she is not a non-household member.

Do keep in mind that you can only share your account for free with up to 3 members if you have the Premium plan, which is priced at Rs 649. 2 devices are supported with the Standard plan and 1 device with the Basic plan. The Mobile plan gives you access on your phone and tablet.

Published On:

Aug 10, 2023

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