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Woman shares tips to catch cheating boyfriend using AI tools in viral video 


In a popular online video, a woman has shared a new way to find out if someone’s boyfriend might be cheating. But wait, before you think she’s telling people to get help from the police or detectives, she actually showed how you can do it using a special computer tool called AI.

In this story, a woman named Mia Dio, who is 22 years old and has lots of followers on a platform called TikTok, talked about her boyfriend, Billy. She thought he was acting strangely, like he might be hiding something.

Mia decided to play detective using AI, which is like a smart computer. She used AI to make a fake phone call with Billy’s friend, but she made it sound like Billy was talking. In the recording, Billy’s friend seemed to say that Billy had kissed someone else the previous night. This video became really popular, with lots of people watching it and saying it’s a clever way to catch people who cheat in relationships.

But guess what? It turns out it was not true. Mia revealed in an interview that the video was a prank, and both Billy and his friend were part of it. They wanted to see how many people would believe the story.

Mia explained that she wanted to test how new technology, like AI, can change relationships and cheating. She thinks that because of smartphones and social media, it’s easier for people to cheat, but it’s also easier to catch them.
For her experiment, Mia used a tool called ElevenLabs to make Billy’s voice sound like he was talking in the fake phone call. It didn’t cost much, just $4. She said that even though she and Billy are still happily together, this trick could have helped her in the past with an ex-boyfriend who cheated.

ElevenLabs is a company that develops AI voice cloning technology. Their VoiceLab product allows users to create realistic synthetic voices from just a few seconds of audio. This means that Mia could have easily used ElevenLabs to create a fake phone call in which Billy’s voice sounded like he was talking.

In fact, there have been a number of cases in recent years where scammers have used AI voice cloning technology to impersonate people. In one case, a couple in Canada lost $21,000 after they were tricked into wiring money to a scammer who was using ElevenLabs to impersonate their son.

Mia shared that other girls have reached out to her with similar worries. So, while the story seemed like a way to catch cheaters, it was really a funny experiment to see how technology can change relationships.

Edited By:

Ankita Chakravarti

Published On:

Aug 9, 2023

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