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Woman tracks lost luggage to another city using AirTag, takes flight to bring it back


In a world where gadgets and gizmos are everywhere, some inventions shine extra bright for making our lives easier. Apple, known for its reliable phones and laptops, has given us something pretty nifty – AirTags. These tiny things might look like simple buttons, but they’re like magic buttons that can help us find lost things. Let’s dive into a story that shows how these little heroes came to the rescue!

As per a CNN report, Sandra Shuster and her super-active daughter, Ruby used the AirTag to get their lost luggage back. They were on a trip back from a lacrosse tournament in Baltimore. Ruby’s lacrosse gear was all packed up safely, or so they thought. When they reached Denver after a long journey, their special bag with all the lacrosse gear wasn’t there to welcome them at the baggage counter. It was like a puzzle piece missing from the big luggage puzzle.

But here’s where the magic of Apple’s AirTags comes in. Sandra had this super-smart idea of attaching one of these AirTags to Ruby’s lacrosse bag before they left. It’s like a secret tracker that talks to your phone and tells you where your lost things are hiding. So, even though the bag had gone on its own little adventure, Sandra knew exactly where it was – in Chicago’s airport.

Sandra didn’t just sit around, hoping the bag would find its way back.Armed with the knowledge from the AirTag, she called up the airline folks and said, “Hey, my bag is in Chicago, not lost in space!” But, surprise surprise, they didn’t quite believe her. They said something like, “Nah, your bag is somewhere else.” It was like they didn’t speak the same tracking language as her AirTag.

Not one to give up, Sandra decided to take matters into her own hands. She hopped onto a plane and flew to Chicago. She walked up to the baggage area armed with her phone and her secret weapon – the AirTag. And guess what? As quick as a snap, the bag was right there waiting for her. It was like the AirTag had a magic wand that made the bag appear.

Sandra’s story isn’t just about finding a lost bag. It’s about how clever ideas and cool gadgets can team up to save the day. Those little AirTags might not wear capes, but they’re heroes in their own right. They show us that even in a big, busy world, smart thinking and nifty technology can come together to make life simpler and better.

So, the next time you’re worried about losing something important, remember Sandra and Ruby’s adventure. Remember how a tiny AirTag turned into a superhero, guiding them to their lost bag. And remember that Apple isn’t just about cool phones and tablets – they’re also about making life a bit more awesome with their clever inventions!

Edited By:

Ankita Chakravarti

Published On:

Aug 8, 2023

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