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X Blue tick ke paise wasool: Indian Twitter users rejoice as they get paid in lakhs as ad revenue payouts


Opting for the X Premium membership, previously referred to as Twitter Blue, at Rs 900 per month has proven to be rewarding for certain users. Prominent Indian accounts, including Gabbar Singh among others, have confirmed receiving up to Rs 3 lakh as part of the ad revenue sharing program. Back in July, under the leadership of Elon Musk, Twitter introduced this new initiative to assist content creators in earning money through ad revenue. This opportunity is accessible to X Premium subscribers worldwide.

Now, numerous Twitter accounts like Gabbar Singh and Being Humor, among others, have shared screenshots of SMS notifications from their respective banks, indicating the receipt of payouts from Musk’s company. Singh’s screenshot revealed that he received a payout of Rs 2 lakh from Twitter, while Being Humor received Rs 3.5 lakh from X.

So in order to earn money on X, the creators first need to have an X Blue subscription. The next important thing is to have at least 15 million impressions on their posts in the last three months, and a minimum of 500 followers.

So how can you make money on X?

Subscriptions offer a way for folks on Twitter to make money every month from the stuff they create. For example, you might get paid some of the money Twitter gets from Subscriptions. This gives your most active followers more access and cool extras.Creators from all around the world who meet the rules can sign up for the Subscriptions program. Right now, people can buy Subscriptions on Twitter using iPhones, Androids, or the internet.

How to join the creators program

You have to meet the eligibility criteria of 15 million impressions on your posts in the last three months, and a minimum of 500 followers.If X picks you for the Subscriptions program, people can pay money to follow you. They will get special things you give them stuff like bonus content and direct interactions with you. When these followers reply to you, you will see a badge next to their name so you know it’s them.
You might also get some money from Twitter when people pay to follow you. You can read our Subscriptions Creator Terms to find out more about how much money you could get

The company aims to make the process as simple as possible for all eligible X Blue and Verified Organisations subscribers. Once you meet the criteria and join the program, you can receive payouts if your earnings exceed $50. However, the exact method X uses to calculate the payout value has not been disclosed in the support document.

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Ankita Chakravarti

Published On:

Aug 8, 2023

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